How to Transfer Your Car Title in Florida (2023)

How to Complete a Florida Automatic Title Transfer:

  • Complete the vehicle title transfer information on the title itself.
  • Submit a title request.
  • pay the applicabletitle transfer fees.
  • Read on for more details on FL vehicle title transfers.

Florida Dealer Car Title Transfers

When you buy a car or other vehicle from an authorized dealer, you usuallyhandle title and registration paperworkIn your name.

If you choose to register your vehicle with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV), follow the steps onAutomatic Transfers of Private Sale Titlesbelow.

Automatic Transfers of Private Sale Titles

Most of the time, you willtransfer a car title yourselfwhen you buy or sell a particular vehicle.

To ensure a smooth title transfer, both buyer and seller should be familiar with the forms, documents, and other items required by the Florida DHSMV.

buy a vehicle

When youbuy a vehicle from a private seller, you will need the following items to complete your car title registration and transfer:

  • Otitle with full transfer sectionby the seller
    • verElectronic Auto Title Transfersif the seller does not have a paper copy of the title.
  • OApplication for Certificate of Title With/Without Registration(HSMV Form 82040).
    • If your vehicle isleased or financed, you will be completing it on behalf of your leasing or finance company.
  • Proof of your car insurance, for example:
    • An insurance card.
    • Your automobile insurance policy.
  • one completedFlorida insurance statement(HSMV Form 83330).
  • Alawyer letter, if your vehicle is leased and you need to sign on behalf of your leasing company.
  • Payment of title transfer fees:
    • $75.25 to get oneelectronictitleOadditional $2.50 for onepapertitle.
    • $2 per lien if you have a lien on the vehicle.
    • Tuition and Tuition Feesbased on vehicle weight.

Youmithe owner of the vehiclehe mustleavefor oneFlorida Tax Collector's Officeto avoid complications when completing your DMV title transfer.

If you areout of florida, cansubmit forms and feesfor yourslocal county office.

(Video) How To Fill Out a Florida Title

Additional documents

Make sure the owner has awarranty satisfaction documentfor any encumbrances listed on the title. Otherwise, you will be responsible for the charges once you own the vehicle.

You must also get aFiscal Noteas proof that you purchased the vehicle. You can have the bill of sale form notarized for additional verification.

sell a vehicle

if you aresell your car privately, you must:

  • Complete atitle transfer sectionon the title of your vehicle.
    • verElectronic Transfer of Valuesif you do not have a paper copy of your title.
  • Give the buyer aFiscal Noteform as proof of purchase, andkeep a copyfor you.
    • You may want to have this notarized to ensure its validity.
  • Provide one of the following if the vehicle has a lien:
    • A guarantee satisfaction document.
    • A free title.

In addition to the above, you can also choose to:

  • go with the buyerto your locationFlorida Tax Collector's Officeto complete the vehicle title transfer.
    • This can make the transaction easier for you and the buyer and help avoid complications.
  • send oneNotice of sale and/or invoice for a motor vehicle, mobile home, SUV, or boat(HSMV Form 82050) for himFL DHSMVto inform them that the vehicle is no longer in their name.
    • Owarning protects youif the new owner commits a violation while the DMV title transfer is being processed.

New to Florida Bond Transfers

When you move to Florida from another state, you will need to obtain a FL title and vehicle registration, includingplacas FL.

To complete a car title transfer with FL DHSMV, you will need:

  • one completedApplication for Certificate of Title With/Without Registration(HSMV Form 82040).
  • They areout-of-state vehicle titletransfer.
  • proof of yourFL car insurance, as:
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Verification, What can be:
  • Payment of title transfer fees and registration fees:
    • Out-of-State Title Transfer Fee: $77.25 (electronic title).
    • Warranty registration fee: $2.
    • New Vehicle Fee to FL: $225.
    • Paper Title Printing/Shipping Fee: $2.50
    • Registration and plaque fees: Varies according to the weight of the vehicle and the type of license plate.

Send all documentation and fees to yourcounty tax collector's officeany:

  • By letter.
  • In person.

If you request a paper title, it will be sent within 4 weeks of request.

Electronic Transfer of Values

If the vehicle you are buying or selling does not have a title, the Florida DMV title transfer process will be a little different.

(Video) Florida Title Transfer BUYER Instructions


  • enroll induplicate/article titlemitransfertitle in a transaction if you already have a buyer.
  • Request a duplicate/paper titleSOtransfer when you have title and buyer.

If you are the buyer, you can get thearticle titlemicomplete the DMV title transfer at the same timeby:

Send the above to yourFlorida County Tax Office:

  • In person.
  • By letterif you are out of state.

If you are the seller and would like a copy of thetitleBEFOREyou complete a title transfer, You will need torequest a duplicate title. The fee for a paper title is an additional $2.50.

You will then need to fill in thevehicle title transferas soon as you have the title to the replacement vehicle.

OBSERVATION:Some title offices offersame day title printingfor oneADDITIONAL$10 charge.

Inherited, gifted or donated vehicles

When ownership of a vehicle changes hands for any reason, you must complete a car title transfer with Florida DHSMV.

Read below to learn more about other situations in which you will need a DMV title transfer.

inherit a vehicle

When inheriting a motor vehicle from a deceased person, you will need to apply for a transfer of ownership with FL DHSMV.

To transfer the car title, you will need:

(Video) Florida Title Transfer SELLER Instructions

  • OOriginal title, if available.
  • OApplication for Certificate of Title With/Without Registration(Formulario HSMV HSMV 82040).
  • payment for thetitle transfer fees:
    • $75.25 for an electronic title.
    • Additional charge of $2.50 for a paper title.
    • TO ADD$2 per lien for any lien on the vehicle.
  • Any other necessary documents. Contact yourflorida county tax officeFor more information. Commonly required documents include:
    • Copy of the owner's death certificate.
    • A copy of the will, trust or court order.

give away a vehicle

You can give or receive a vehicle as a gift in Florida.

It will just fill avehicle title transferjust as you would when buying or selling a car.

Make surecomplete one of the followingas proof that you gave up or received the vehicle for free:

  • AFiscal Notemould.
  • A testimony.

Donation of a vehicle

Many nonprofit organizations accept vehicle donations. Contact your favorite charity for more information on their specific giving guidelines.

You will find more information in ourcar donationpage.

For information on auto title transfers when you donate a vehicle, contactFlorida DHSMV.

Florida Car Title Transfer Fees

Several factors affect the title transfer fee you will pay for an automatic title transfer in Florida.

Common fees include:

  • Vehicle title transfer within FL:
    • Electronic title issued: $75.25.
    • Additional title issuance fee: $2.50.
    • TO ADDWarranty fee of $2 for each warranty.
  • Out-of-State Title Transfer:
    • New vehicle with electronic title: $77.25.
    • Used vehicle with electronic title: $85.25.
    • New Vehicle Fee to FL: $225.
    • TO ADD$2 pawn fee for each pawn on the vehicle.
    • TO ADD$2.50 for a paper title.
  • Same-day service(available at some locations): $10FURTHERapplicable title transfer fee.

you will also payvehicle registration feesif you are registering your vehicle at the same time.

Change the title of your vehicle FL

If you change your name or move to a different address in Florida, you will need to update your FL DHSMV license and vehicle registrations.

(Video) How to properly fill out a Florida title

name change

To change the name on your title and registration, you will need to transfer the vehicle's title to your new name.

Yin personpara tu flcounty tax officecom:

  • OApplication for Certificate of Title With/Without Registration(Formulario HSMV HSMV 82040).
  • Payment of the corresponding title transfer fee:
    • title transferelectronictitle: $75.25.
    • Charge for handling and printing of title paper: $2.50.
    • title transfer with aguaranteeadditional warranty fee: $2.
    • Fast title fee: $10.

You may also want to takeproof of your name changesuch as your marriage certificate or court order.

Ourname changeThe page has more information on how to update your driver's license and other documents.

Change of address

When you move within the state, you must notify FL DHSMV of your new address.

You can update the address and contact details on yourtitlemirecord:

  • Online.
    • You may find it helpful to have your title and/or registration handy for quick access to your vehicle information.
  • In personnot yourscounty tax collector's office.
    • You may bring your vehicle title and/or registration for reference.

visit ourChange of addresspage for details on FL driver's license changes.

Replace a Florida Title

You can apply for a duplicate title if yours islost, stolen or damaged.

To replace your vehicle's title, you will need:

you can replace itby letteroin person. Some county tax offices offer same day service for aADDITIONAL$10 fee. Contact your localdeskby availability.

(Video) Florida Title Transfers Made Simple

Get more information on ourReplace a lost titlepage.

Is the registration or license plate missing or damaged? visit ourReplacing a lost registration in Floridapage for useful information.


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