South Coast New Swim-Up Sandals Rondoval Suites | Sandals (2023)

The luxury experience takes another exciting turn in one of the Caribbean's most natural destinations.

Transfer fromMontego Bay, Jamaica, on the south side of the island isa scenic cruise through peaceful sugar cane fields and dense forest. From the location of the free airport shuttle from Sandals, you drive through sleepy tropical villages with promising names - Bluefields and New Hope - as a new smooth road cuts through what is called "uncharted land"Jamaican.

INTERNET. Lush. Remote. Zero commercialization. You get the picture.

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Photo: The new road leading to Sandals South Coast takes visitors on a beautiful green journey through the Jamaican countryside.

But something else is going on, privately, in a small corner of this scene. Behind a few gentle bends and along a lonely road lined with palm trees is a secluded enclave. WITHfreely nestled between the soothing Caribbean Sea and a 500-acre nature reserve. The people of the farming community know this south coast of Sandals. And anyone who knowsluxury all inclusive resorts in the Caribbeanrecognizes Sandals South Coast as a beautifully remote center of innovation.

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Photo: Surrounded by a 500-acre nature reserve, Sandals South Coast is the place for a secluded luxury getaway for two.

Just as Silicon Valley is changing the way we view technology,South coast sandalsit is a place where the lofty idea of ​​indulging in Caribbean luxury is consistently redefined. If it's never been done anywhere else, this one might be perfect.

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“Sandals South Coast has the most important resources to innovate,” said Gordon “Butch” Stewart, president of Sandals Resorts. "Water, nature and privacy.

And so, every year or two, a dream that combines these three resources with luxury becomes a reality. Here in this barely touched shelter.

“My wife and I have been to Sandals South Shore six times, and they keep coming,” says Peyton Waddell, from the Orlando area, “and every time we get there, we see something amazing… I mean, literally amazing.”

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Photo: Rondoval Suites new Swim-Up Suites in Sandals South Coast, set around a unique no entry pool.

Prepare to be surprised again - twice. Sandals South Coast will be revealed soon
The first Swim-Up Rondoval Suites…first in the world. Yes, not only in the Caribbean, in the world.

Sandals that came beforeThe Rondoval GardenIseaside RondovaleWAntiguaISaint Lucia, followed byGrenadaIBarbados— circular designs, high thatched roofs, and a retreat inspired by Sandal's deep Caribbean heritage.

But until now, Rondoval's intimate experience has never included swimming and pool swimming. Even the swimming pool at Sandals South Coast itself creates a new class: it covers 17,040 square feet, which makes itlargest basin in the Western Hemisphere.

(Video) RSUP 2022 Suite Tour: South Seas Swim-Up Rondoval Butler Suite w/ Prvt. Pool | Sandals South Coast

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Photo: The new Rondoval Swim-up Suites feature high, tapered ceilings, a cot for two, a custom-made king-size bed with an exotic carved headboard, and a private plunge pool.

It's true, the largest swimming pool in the Western Hemisphere meanders through conical apartments with centuries of history in a remote area of ​​Jamaica.

“For us, innovation is how well we can capture authenticity in a luxurious setting,” says Adam Stewart, Vice President of Sandals. “When I was growing up in Jamaica, we always played in the rivers, waterfalls and sea. That's why Sandals South Coast is the perfect place for creativity.It is an oasis surrounded by nature and water.

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Photo: Enjoy the serenity of the bathroom, which includes a large, solid stone bathtub, a walk-in shower and a free-standing vanity with a double-sided mirror.

If there is an oasis within an oasis, Dutch Village is it. Using water as a source of inspiration, Sandals South Coast re-imagined the Dutch Village, the result of Sandals' design team envisioning an immersive Caribbean experience, inside and out.

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Photo: Dutch Village is a true oasis within an oasis on the south coast of Sandals.

All 16 Butler Elite Suites and 96 Club and Luxury Level rooms are located in the Ocean Frame and now include two new pools surrounding the Dutch Village buildings. And what can't be replicated anywhere else is the fact that the entire village is located opposite one of the most magnificent stretches of the Caribbean Sea - a place chosen by Butch Stewart for its exceptional peace and beauty almost 20 years ago.

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Photo: Aerial view of the Dutch village of Sandals South Coast, a paradise where innovation meets the pristine waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Each Dutch Village apartment has been redesigned to allow, among other things, relaxation in one of the couplesindependent indoor shower, relaxation in onePeaceful outdoor tuband use the pool to swim and swim back, all in privacy.

Whether they realize it or not, visitors to Sandals South Coast are swimming in innovation.

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Photo: Enjoy stunning ocean views from Dutch Village's redesigned Swim-up Suite.

Inspiration for innovation

If you were allowed to go deeper into the secret areas of the Sandals South Coast estate, where only employees are allowed, you'd notice a message written in large, bold letters on the walls and above the doors. They constantly remind you of what makes the resort unique.

“Exceeding guest expectations.”

This is not a marketing phrase. This is a call to action from Gordon "Butch" Stewart, president of Sandals Resorts. Which explains whylocalAt all Sandals centers they are so proactive in knowing what and when to serve before you are asked to. But on a much greater level, "exceeding expectations" is the paramount innovation agenda, especially here at Sandals South Coast.

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Couples who have strolled along the two-mile private beach often stop to admire. There, at the end of the long walkway, are sandalsBungalow over the watergenerously arranged in the shape of a heart. Remember that overwater bungalows have been around foreverare considered architectural wonders, it is found only in the South Pacific or Asia. But then Stewart and the Sandals team decided to dispel the notion of "can't be done" and came up with a way to bring the full waterside experience to their home in Jamaica.

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Photo: South Coast Innovative SandalsBungalow over the water.

“I've always said I'm happiest on the water,” says Stewart, “and these suites give guests a direct connection to the Caribbean Sea. It's the next level of innovative luxury."

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Up the beach from the overwater bungalows, expectations are once again exceeded as the ocean is the iconic mainstay of Latitudes, the overwater bar. In the embrace of a hammock, guests can enjoy a clear 360-degree view of the Caribbeanlike relaxing on board a yacht.

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Photo: Sandals South Coast's newest bar, Latitudes° Over Water Bar, features a 360-degree view of the ocean. The best part: all drinks are at our expense!

And then, a little further along the white sand, there is perhaps the most amazing sight of all. Twilight appears as a mirage: IfSerenity Waterside Wedding Chapel with glass floorplaced above the glassy water. Make you feel like one with the sea - a feeling you won't get anywhere else.

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Photo: Whatever your dream is, the Over-the-Water Serenity Wedding Chapel in Sandals South Coast will make sure you never forget.

(Video) Sandals Dunn's River | Coyaba Sky Villa Swim-up Rondoval Butler Suite w/ Private Pool Sanctuary SKYV

It's all happening here - Swim-Up Rondoval Suites, the largest swimming pool in the Western Hemisphere, overwater bungalows, overwater bar and overwater chapel - in this hidden hideaway on the Sandals South Shore. Where water and nature constantly drive innovations that exceed the highest expectations.


South Coast New Swim-Up Sandals Rondoval Suites | Sandals? ›

Our newly reimagined beachfront Dutch Village has added swim-up suites that wrap the entire village, because it's all about the healing powers of water. And nowhere else is this more evident than in our brand-new South Seas Village, where you can swim up to an exotic Rondoval—the first of their kind, anywhere.

Does Sandals South Coast have swim up rooms? ›

Our newly reimagined beachfront Dutch Village has added swim-up suites that wrap the entire village, because it's all about the healing powers of water. And nowhere else is this more evident than in our brand-new South Seas Village, where you can swim up to an exotic Rondoval—the first of their kind, anywhere.

What is a Sandals Rondoval Suite? ›

Rondoval suites are unique circular villas that offer couples a private vacation experience that includes everything they need during their stay. The idea is that couples who pick this option will not have to leave their room unless they want to.

Which Sandals resort was recently renovated? ›

The most recently renovated Sandals resort is Sandals Royal Bahamian, in Nassau, Bahamas.

How many pools does Sandals South Coast have? ›

Sandals South Coast is quiet and serene, nestled along a 2-mile stretch of pristine white beach amid a 500-acre nature preserve. Sandals South Coast has 9 bars, 7 restaurants, 4 pools (including the largest pool in Jamaica), and 4 whirlpools.

Can you swim at Sandals South Coast? ›

Sandals South Coast is one of the best rated Sandals Resorts overall. With its amazing swimming pool and its beautiful secluded beach, it's the perfect honeymoon getaway.

What is the difference between a swim up room and a swim out room? ›

A swim-up room, sometimes referred to as swim-out room, is a hotel room or resort room located on the ground floor that allows you to walk out into the swimming pool directly from your patio. More often than not, this pool connects multiple swim-up rooms across the hotel or resort.

Can non couples stay at Sandals? ›

Why can't I take the kids? Because we wanted to make your vacation as romantic and relaxing as possible, only couples may stay at Sandals. But we open our arms to welcome singles, friends, and families to our fabulous Beaches Resorts.

What did Sandals South Coast used to be called? ›

Sandals South Coast (formerly Whitehouse European Village & Spa)

What are the different Sandals levels? ›

There are many tempting accommodations at each Sandals, and depending on the resort, there can be as many as 10 to 30 different room category types to choose from. Those room categories are further broken down into one of three main category levels—Luxury Level, Club Level or Butler Level.

What happened to people at Sandals Resort? ›

“At this juncture of the investigation, we can officially confirm that all three of the victims died as a result of asphyxiation due to carbon monoxide poisoning,” the Royal Bahamas Police Force announced in a news release.

What is the oldest Sandals Resort? ›

The first Sandals resort, Sandals Montego Bay, opened its doors in 1981. Right from the start, Sandals focused on perfecting the ultimate couple's vacation, and by doing so, rocketed in popularity for couples from all over the world looking for a romantic escape to the Caribbean.

What is the biggest Sandals Resort? ›

Sandals Ochi Beach Resort

Resort Highlights: Sandals Ochi is the largest Sandals Resort and one of the most affordable. There are 11 bars (including the Caribbean's first speakeasy), a hot new beach club, and 16 restaurants to enjoy. If you're looking to enjoy a good time, this is the resort for you.

What is the average age at Sandals Resorts? ›

Having traveled to a number of Sandals Resorts, the majority of the guests are in the range of 30 to 40. My wife and I are in our 60's and feel very comfortable there. We always meet couples in their late 40's through 50's. there is always a nice older crowd, but that is the smaller crowd as a percent of guests.

What is the best airport for Sandals South Coast? ›

ARRIVALS. Upon arrival, you'll proceed to the Sandals desk or lounge, conveniently located at Sangster International Airport, in Montego Bay. Your complimentary transfer to and from the resort will be arranged by Sandals.

What is the beach like at Sandals South Coast? ›

The Beach at the Sandals South Coast is one of its standout features. The sand is fine and soft and the waters are calm and turquoise. The beach is super long and there are a number of private areas that almost make it feel like you are on a private island.

What is swim up seating? ›

Description. Swim Up Seat includes two removable seats that attached to the factory provided stern seat brackets. Seats easily mount to the factory installed seat brackets under the platform. Sitting below the water's surface, providing comfortable in-water seating.

Does Sandals South Coast have a private beach? ›

Located within a 500-acre wildlife preserve, Sandals South Coast sits on 2 miles of private white sand beach.

How do swim up rooms work? ›

WHAT EXACTLY IS A SWIM-UP ROOM? A swim-up room gives you direct access to the pool. Rooms on the ground floor of the hotel are connected to the pool via a terrace, so you can step straight into the water.


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