The 10 greatest basketball players of all time (2023)

In every generation there have been great NBA players, some have used their physique to dominate the game, some have used their high IQ on the field, and some have used their technique.

Let's take a look at who are the best basketball players to ever hit the basketball court.

The best basketball players of all time:

10. Tim Duncan

General Championships: 5th

Total MVPs: 2nd

Arguably one of the greatest basketball players in San Antonio Spurs history, Tim Duncan made the Spurs the best team in the world for quite some time. He is considered by many to be the best power forward ever played and we are not here to deny it.

As a testament to his loyalty to the franchise, Tim spent his entire 19 NBA seasons playing for the Spurs. A defensive player with highly efficient attacking performance, Tim Duncan certainly deserves to be one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

9. Wilt Chambelan

Total Championships: 2

MVP totals: 4to

Next on Sportco's list of the greatest basketball players is "Big Dipper," Wilt Chamberlain. Who else changed the NBA rules because they were so overbearing?

OnlyWilt Chamberlainbelongs to these players. Had it not been for the records, Wilt's scoring entry would have been considered a myth.

Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in a single game, averaged 50.4 points over an entire season, and hit triple-doubles like it was a joke. Wilt Chamberlain has done it all.

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To date, no one has come close to scoring except the late Kobe Bryant, who came a long way from breaking Wilt's records.

8. Larry Vogel

General Championships: 3rd

Total MVPs: 3.

When it comes to key players who played for the Boston Celtics,larry vogelHe is the best dog in the franchise. With three straight MVPs and three championships for the Boston Celtics, we couldn't leave Larry Bird off this list.

If his career hadn't been cut short after his injury, we could have seen Larry even higher on this list. Despite this, Larry Bird is still among the greatest basketball players to ever play basketball.

7. Bill Russell

General Championships: 11

MVP totales: 5to

Yeah, we didn't make a mistake typing those numbers; Bill Russell is basketball's biggest winner. Another Boston Celtics player is on the list, Bill Russell's defensive skills helped the team win 11 championships.

No blocks were recorded during Russell's time playing, but he is still considered one of the best shot blockers of all time. He is the player who has recorded triple-doubles with points, rebounds and blocks. Even if it was an early era, Russell's greatness cannot be denied.

6. Shaquille O'Neal

Total Championships: 4

Total MVPs: 1st

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When it comes to dominating the pitch from end to end, Diesel is known as a force to be reckoned with. With his body type, not a single player in the NBA could physically challenge him. The only player to break the basketball backboard with multiple dunks.

Shaquille O'Nealand Kobe Bryant made the best duo the NBA has ever seen. No one could stop Shaq once he entered the flush, and not many were able to take on Shaq once he entered his territory on defense. Shaq is also considered one of the most underrated players of all time.

5. Magic Johnson

General Championships: 5th

Total MVPs: 3.

Winning NBA Finals MVP in his rookie year is a dream many would consider impossible, but not for Great Magic Johnson, who achieved it himself.

After Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was injured in the Finals, the Lakers needed rookie Magic Johnson, and they weren't wrong, as they would win the championship.

Este no sería su único título, ya que ganaría de uno a cuatro más. Desafortunadamente, la carrera de Johnson se vería truncada en su mejor momento debido al VIH y esto resultaría en que su carrera más o menos terminaría.

4. Kobe Bryant

General Championships: 5th

Total MVPs: 1st

It would be downright disrespectful not to include it.Kobe Bryanton your list of the top 5 basketball players of all time.

No one but Kobe Bryant himself has come close to playing Michael Jordan. Even after injuries throughout his career, Kobe never gave up and this has led him to score more than 33,000 points throughout his NBA career.

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Kobe Bryant never left the Lakers no matter how bad they got and still managed to win 5 championships.

Many would say that Kobe deserved more MVPs, which is true, but so is fate. Before retiring, Kobe dropped 60 points in his last game, a score not many can match even in his prime.

Kobe also had an 81-point game, the closest points scored to Wilt Chamberlain's 100 in a single game.

3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

General Championships: 6th

Total MVPs: 6th

We entered the podium of our list of the best basketball players of all time. Third, we have scorer in NBA historyKareem Abdul-Jabbar, who also leads the NBA in terms of MVP, won.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's longevity and consistency helped him surpass 38,000 points in one of the longest-bodied eras in basketball.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar played for 20 years, which in itself is crazy, and he won 6 championships. The Sky Hook shot has yet to be perfected by another player to this day, and Kareem was a threat when he used it. People had to stab him in the eye to stop him.

2. LeBron James

Total Championships: 4

MVP totals: 4to

This one would break a lot of hearts, but LeBron James lands on the second list of the greatest basketball players of all time.

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Considered by many to be the GOAT, LeBron James is still going strong in the NBA and it is his 19th year in the league. LeBron James has been a physical beast since his debut season, using his physicality and athleticism to dominate defenders.

A player with one of the best performances in the 2016 NBA Finals, where he helped the Cleveland Cavaliers do the impossible to overcome a 3-1 draw against the Golden State Warriors like never before.

Currently the only NBA player to have broken Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's record for most points in league history.

1. Michael Jordan

General Championships: 6th

MVP totales: 5to

When the Chicago Bulls get to the finals with Jordan in the lineup, just forget that your opponent has a shot at the championship.

Michael Jordan flaunts a perfect 100% NBA Finals winning record with 6 rings to his name.What is Michael Jordan's middle name? The goat!

We are sure that if Jordan had played as much as the others in the top 3, he would have kept all the records for himself.

Jordan is someone who retired in his prime and came back at 38 and still had 20-plus points in two seasons. As one of the most feared players in the opposition, none other than Kobe Bryant can match the game of Michael Jordan.

With that, Michael Jordan concludes our list of the greatest basketball players of all time.

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