The best garden soil delivery services for 2023 (2023)

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Garden soil delivery companies offer the convenient service of delivering bulky loads of topsoil, potting soil, and other materials to fill your raised beds, containers, and other growing spaces. With a garden soil delivery service, customers can choose the optimal soil composition for their home garden and save time by having the best materials delivered directly to their garden location.

These companies can range from niche garden providers to hypermarkets, and all offer timely service and quality customer support. The best garden soil delivery services offer a quality product with little (or no) shipping and handling costs, and in many cases also offer satisfaction guarantees and detailed support for new gardeners.

Best Garden Soil Delivery Services for 2023

The best garden soil delivery service.

The best garden soil delivery service.

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  • walmart
  • heimdepot
  • Aim
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better overall :big yellow bag

Why we chose it:With transparent pricing, a satisfaction guarantee, and nationwide availability, Big Yellow Bag is a reliable choice for garden soil that won't break the bank.


  • Satisfaction guaranteed

  • Wide coverage area

  • simple prices


  • small selection

  • Quality and prices may vary.

Big Yellow Bag's large coverage area, connection to local distributors, and satisfaction guarantee make it the best choice for supplying landscape soil in many markets across the United States. Since the company was founded in 1994, gardeners have enjoyed a hassle-free supply of soil and mulch.

Big Yellow Bag is a fairly straightforward service: it delivers mostly soil and mulch, with very little else available on the website, and the only additional fees (other than state and county taxes) are usually "out of area delivery zone" fees. ". It depends a lot on where you are. Most providers price their land by the cubic meter, so you need to know how much you need, which will translate into an exact cost. The price of Big Yellow Bag garden soil delivery also varies by location. To find out what Big Yellow Bag offers in your area, simply enter your zip code on the website. From there, you can view flooring from a local retailer and add it to your shopping cart.

Because Big Yellow Bag works with a network of local flooring suppliers, the exact qualifications of those who supply your flooring (as well as the specifications of the flooring itself) will vary by market. When planning your order, you can choose a delivery date, which in many cases is within the following week. During the order process, you indicate where on your property you would like to deliver the land, and the company asks you to also mark the box with an "X" so as not to confuse their suppliers.

From time to time, the company posts discount codes and deals, and reviewers praise its consistent, high-quality flooring and fast shipping. And if the dirt ain't what you want, Big Yellow Bag will pick it upyrefund your money.

Best for affordability :walmart

Why we chose it:With thousands of stores, great customer service, and a huge selection of garden soil, Walmart offers price variability and, in many cases, free shipping, making it the best choice for gardeners on a budget.


  • long selection

  • Free shipping on some items

  • Ease of access to customer service


  • Different shipping policies for different items.

  • Less soil knowledge than garden specific retailers.

This big box store is known nationally for its large space and low prices, two reliable factors, even when it comes to home delivery. Walmart has greatly expanded its online offering in recent years, with many third-party partners selling bulk and specialty items through the store's website and app. So expect a better selection online than at your local store.

Land prices vary based on quantity, type, and location, but many options include free shipping. You can order topsoil, rocks, garden tools, plants, seeds, and just about anything else you can think of along with your standard garden soil (that's the supermarket bonus), but you might miss out on the personal advice you might need. from a specialist garden soil dealer or a certified professional.

Delivery times can range from same-day service in some areas to two-day shipping or standard ground shipping, depending on what you order and where you live. Other than shipping and taxes, there are no hidden charges.

Keep an eye out for coupon codes or discounts online – consider signing up for regular emails or keep an eye on social media for savings opportunities. The website is easy to use, and Walmart offers friendly, approachable customer service that can resolve any shipping or floor quality issues. Ratings vary depending on the type of flooring requested, so do your research before making a purchase.

better for crowds :heimdepot

Why we chose it:Home Depot offers many different garden soils, but its bulk offerings are characterized by affordability, free shipping, and variable composition depending on the native soil of the shipping region.


  • simple prices

  • Free shipping on wholesale orders

  • Accessible customer service


  • Not all floors available

  • Limited delivery to exact location

Known for its friendly store employees and wide selection of home improvements, Home Depot is known for its affordable and affordable selection of bulk potting soil. Available in supplies of 5 cubic yards each for around $400, Home Depot Loose Garden Soil is sourced locally and is always native to the delivery region. So expect variations in color and composition depending on where you live.

Delivery is free (at least for bulk orders) and takes place within seven to ten business days of your order. The service is available nationwide, but additional charges may apply for long-distance deliveries or orders over 25 cubic meters. Therefore, please contact customer service if you have any questions about your requirements.

The Home Depot website is very easy to use, and customer service is always available, whether you're looking for help in-store or contacting support by phone or email. Reviewers praise the company's quick delivery, but warn that you need to plan carefully where you dump dirt: Home Depot trucks can't drive on grass and require a driveway that's at least 10 feet wide.

Best for fast delivery :Aim

Why we chose it:What Target lacks in options, it makes up for in convenience, with same-day delivery available on a few different floor options in many different markets.


  • Same day delivery in many markets

  • Garden accessories available


  • very limited choice

  • The website can be confusing as to what is in stock

Target doesn't have the largest selection of garden soil, but it can deliver what it's supposed todisapproving gestureOffer with impressive speed. Shipt (a delivery service Target acquired in late 2017) makes same-day delivery available in many areas for just about everything you can buy in-store. Same-day delivery is available in most metro areas across the country and costs around $10 (or can be free with a Shipt membership), allowing you to have a limited amount of Earths delivered to your door in matter of hours.

If you're willing to wait a little longer for your delivery, the number of options available increases significantly. Stock up on topsoil, potting soil, fertilizers and more, or pick up a new set of gardening tools to match. Most orders over $35 come with free two-day shipping, and Target customers praise the quality of the company's products, affordable prices, and the variety of products and departments to shop in one place.

The best for customer experience :garden supplies

Why we chose it:The traditional garden retailer offers a wide range of products for the home oasis, with the advantage of competent advice and a high satisfaction guarantee.


  • "Tips" feature with gardening resources.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

  • Long-standing positive reputation


  • Little or no quantity options

  • small selection

  • Shipping can be expensive

Gardener's Supply is a store for gardeners,VonGardener: So you can count on their reps for thoughtful advice and soil recommendations. The company was founded in 1983 as a mail-order catalog and eventually expanded into the online market in 1994.

As a certified B-Corp, Gardener's Supply donates 8% of its profits to organizations that use gardening to make the world a better place and every purchase made on the site is 100% guaranteed. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, Gardener's Supply will refund or exchange the full price of the item less shipping charges.

Potting soil starts at around $7, with costs increasing based on the volume and composition of the soil. Economy shipping starts at $9 and increases based on the size of your order.

If you have questions about the type of soil required for your project or want to compare multiple products, explore the company's extensive archive of gardening tips. This personal touch makes Gardener's Supply the best choice for the customer experience, especially for those new to gardening or wanting to try a different soil type for the first time.

final verdict

final verdict

There are many options when it comes to choosing the best garden soil delivery service, and often the best option for your home is a local supplier or farm. But when it comes to great garden soil options available nationwide, many companies offer shipping or delivery. Big discount retailers like Walmart and Target are known for their low prices and the convenience of fast, affordable delivery. Home Depot, a power player in the home improvement space, was impressed with its hassle-free bulk purchase options.

But two of the best garden soil delivery services come from stores that cater specifically to home growers. Gardener's Supply received top marks for customer experience, and Best Overall Garden Soil Delivery Service, Big Yellow Bag, takes home the award for its focused product:justsupplies mulch and garden soil, although through local distributors, and with a wide national coverage.

How to Choose the Best Garden Soil Delivery Services

Finding the best product largely depends on your location, budget, and the unique needs of your garden. Here are some qualities to look for when choosing your flooring provider:

  • Delivery: Check the carrier's policies regarding shipping and delivery. How long does it take Earth to reach you? Will shipping costs increase for larger orders, or can you save money by ordering in bulk? Shipping costs vary wildly, even for different products from the same retailer, so don't let that get to you.
  • soil composition: Consider whether your garden requires specific nutrients in the soil, and whether you need topsoil, potting soil, or another special type of filler for your homegrown oasis.
  • Money Back Guarantees: Flooring can be expensive, so do your research when it comes to return policies and satisfaction guarantees. If you're trying a supplier for the first time, consider choosing a retailer that offers some sort of recourse if you're not satisfied, whether it's a refund or replacement.
  • amount of land needed: If you need 5 cubic meters of soil, it will be very problematic to buy this soil per liter. Similarly, you don't need a dump truck with garden soil if you're just transplanting a few houseplants. Try to assess your needs ahead of time and consult a gardening professional if you need help.

Garden Dirt Home Delivery Service Vs. do it yourself

Garden soil delivery services are essential for customers who need to purchase a large amount of soil and do not have a large truck or vehicle to transport the product. But they can also be a great service for those buying smaller amounts of potting soil or mulch. Garden soil delivery services eliminate the potential mess or hassle of lugging a heavy bag from the store to your home, and buying soil online offers the opportunity to compare several different sources of soil before choosing the best one.

frequent questions

What materials can garden soil delivery services ship to my home?

Garden soil delivery services often offer local soil, mulch, and fertilizer for delivery. When you buy your garden soil from a larger company like Target, you can receive any number of additional items with your soil, from shovels and watering cans to raised beds and terra cotta planters.

Are garden soil delivery services necessary to improve my landscape?

Garden soil delivery services are not required to improve your landscape. You can make your own compost, collect your soil from a local supplier, or purchase a fertilizer tailored to the needs of your specific landscape.

How much do garden soil delivery services cost?

Land delivery service prices vary widely depending on how much land you need to deliver. For small amounts you can buy yourself at the store, garden soil delivery costs about the same as its traditional competitors. For bulk orders please expect a few hundred dollars for your flooring and delivery. In most cases, shipping is included in the cost of bulk orders, but it can run into the hundreds. While it offers the convenience of direct delivery, it can be more expensive than simply buying the Earth in the store and using your own transportation to get it to your desired location.


When reviewing garden soil delivery services, we primarily look for companies with a national presence, although we recommend customers start their soil search by checking with local providers first.

We started with garden-focused businesses, considering buying in bulk or consulting with a local expert. We also looked at big box stores, which have a national presence that facilitates fast shipping, and found that this drastically reduces the overall cost of purchasing garden soil without sacrificing quality or customer satisfaction. We've also considered shipping costs, flooring quality, and customer reviews to find the six best options, but we urge customers to read reviews and information about the specific flooring they're buying before committing to a purchase. .

The best garden soil delivery services for 2023 (11)


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