Where are the 2023 Penn State signees ranked in the final Top247 rankings? (2023)

By Tyler Calvaruso


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The early signing period is long on the books and 11 of Penn State's 2023 signers are already on campus for the spring semester, meaning it's almost time to bow to a cycle where the Nittany Lions signed the class. ranked 15th in the nation. There's still a chance for a late addition to the class with a four-star tackle from Dundalk (Md.)chimdy onohavailable for the taking, but Penn State's 2023 efforts are nearly complete.

“When you talk about this class, we are very, very happy with the class. There is a lot of balance in the offensive and defensive classes, as well as in the first entries", said coachJames Franklinsaid during the Early Subscription Period. "The class is about splitting it from offense to defense, small to big. I think we've got a really good mix there. I think the other thing we've done a good job on is we're going to have to keep doing a good job, it's like expand and go to more places.

"At the end of the day, we're still talking about what I would describe as Penn Staters, Penn State kids and Penn State families. You had the opportunity to spend some time with DaKaari [Nelson] and her family, her dad is The school principal's mom is phenomenal They did a great job raising DaKaari Obviously doing a great job in the state of Pennsylvania keeping the best players at home always a priority for us I think we did a good job of that So also in the region, whether it's New York or in New Jersey or Virginia or Maryland, I think we've done a good job of being present in those areas as well."

247Sports released its final Top247 rankings for the class of 2023 on Thursday night and Penn State is well represented with nine players ranked among the nation's elite. Let's take a look at where exactly these players fall in the rankings, with Reading Wyomissing offensive tackle.J'ven Williamsleading the pack as the only five-star recruit.


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Where are the 2023 Penn State signees ranked in the final Top247 rankings? (1)

Secondary school:Reading (Par.) Wyomissing

Final classification:No. 25 overall

247Sports Scouting Report:Size checked with top notch length and athleticism. Stars on the way as well with a shot put 56 for 6 3/4 and a 176-2 record as a sophomore. Complete player with solid technique, length and body control. Enjoy ultimate glitches and smart player. Sink your hips in and flexibility shines through with the ability to bend your lower body and twist your torso. In the running game, Williams shows speed by getting ahead of the runner when he throws. You can spot the defender and block in space. He ducks down, wraps around, and continues to pump his legs to push the player back. Hand placement is consistently inside the defender and hard to ignore. In pro passing, Williams is ahead of most high school players. It pops up quickly and sits right at the base. He shows off the kicking step and is measured and assertive with the opening punch. Foot speed is impressive. He moves sideways, can be deflected, and is hard to hit with speed or internal movement. You need to continue to build upper body strength.


Where are the 2023 Penn State signees ranked in the final Top247 rankings? (2)

Secondary school:Ashburn (Virgínia) Broad Run

Final classification:No. 83 general

247Sports Scouting Report:Size checked with frame to play at 300 lbs. High-level fighter who won the Class 4A title in his second year. Brother, John, Navy fighters and father and uncle played FBS football. He plays right point guard and projects himself as an inside at the university. He had a dominant youth season. Physical and plays with a bad streak. Athletics shines continuously and shows the greatest attraction. Excellent flexibility throughout the frame and elite body control. Able to double down and win the leverage battle. Consistent hand placement lets in defensive linemen. Strong initial blow. Stay engaged as you drive your legs to master reps. Get to the second level quickly. He often overwhelms opponents in running play. Sit comfortably with the wide base on the pro pass. Able to stop the defender with an opening punch. He stands still at times and relies on superior strength rather than sliding laterally on the pro pass. You will need to add mass and strength in your upper body. Multi-year senior entry into an elite university program. First round potential in the NFL draft.

databaseREY MACK

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Where are the 2023 Penn State signees ranked in the final Top247 rankings? (3)

Secondary school:Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) Saint Thomas Aquinas

Final classification:No. 85 overall

247Sports Scouting Report:Football's version of a five-tool center fielder. He doesn't have the ideal height/weight mix, but he makes up for his smaller frame with his speed, instincts, ball skills, physique and leadership qualities. As a junior, he worked primarily with a two-deep safety eye and thrived catching four passes for a historic St. Louis program. Thomas Aquinas, who won a state title in the second highest ranking in Florida. The ability to get to the deepest third of the field or from hash to hash in a snap of a finger is rare. As well as their times on the track: 10s64 in the 100 meters dash, 21s43 in the 200 meters dash and 46s25 in the 400 meters dash. He can certainly fly, but is most comfortable simply patrolling the rear of a defense, as he isn't afraid to poke his nose into the area and provide first-or second-chance support. He also has valuable experience as a blitzer in passing situations. He has not been asked to play much coverage from man to man at the level of preparation, but the fluid game of feet and the initial explosion suggest that he can pass the mouse with some of the fastest open receivers that line up in the groove in nowadays. He must continue to progress as a football player and learn to put Power Five veterans down on his own, but he has the makings to emerge as a multi-year starter on Saturdays. Lower measurables won't be for everyone, but range is extremely valuable in a football era where so many offenses just want to air. Ultimately, the ceiling can be higher as a single-height safety in an aggressive defensive scheme that wants to lure defenders into making poor decisions, but it can also be used in a variety of ways, including as a slot defender.


Where are the 2023 Penn State signees ranked in the final Top247 rankings? (4)

Secondary school:Fairfax (Virginia)

Final classification:#121 general

247Sports Scouting Report:Size checked with more length and speed with a multisport profile. It has plenty of room for frame growth and can easily add 25 pounds without losing any athletic features. Impact player in high school as a linebacker/edge rusher and running back. Also a complete basketball player. He played football growing up before focusing on football in high school. Verified high speed of 4.6 with shuttle in 4.2 s showing change of direction and acceleration. Ridiculously productive with 1,700 yards of total offense and 27 touchdowns and 40 tackles, including seven sacks. He is best suited for playing inside linebacker, but has some traits for playing outside. Instinctive and plays at high speed. It plays with leverage and tucks nicely in the lower body. You can get involved and still drive your legs around the corner in blitz. He plays with a physique beyond his current size. Incredibly fast in the shot holes. It closes the ball carriers well. Show the speed to chase game in the rear. Durable and reliable. He doesn't abandon plays. Use your quick hands well to stay away from the blocks. He has the athleticism and speed to drop flat coverage or catch the running back one on one. You have to build strength throughout your entire body, and especially your upper body. He needs to show he can stack and throw consistently. He'll need to develop in the weight room before he becomes a factor on the college field, but he has the ability to play in the Top 10 program. Possible mid-round pick from the NFL.


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Where are the 2023 Penn State signees ranked in the final Top247 rankings? (5)

Secondary school:Selma, Ale.

Final classification:#132 general

247Sports Scouting Report:Checked in at 6-foot-2 and over 190 pounds, he seems to possess the growth potential to add extra weight to his frame. A three-phase player, he has above-average athleticism in all phases of the game. With most crosses from safety, he also sees some time from a corner position. He shows good feelings and instincts as a press defender. He wins with physicality and length at the point of attack. The long speed to play in the back of the field is somewhat worrying, but it shows the ability to add coverage capacity in the short and midfield. Shows excellent production and ball awareness. He posted 8 INTs his junior season, along with two pick-6s. Limited sample size as attacker in the movie, but shows some physicality at point of attack. Position projection will depend on physical growth, but the skill set is aimed at playing closer to the frontline in a hybrid backup role at the next level. Physical traits translate into playing more in the box with an ability to play side-by-side and being valuable in the passing game as a cover halfback. He projects as an above-average multi-year starter in a next-level Power Five program and will add value in multiple special teams units.


Where are the 2023 Penn State signees ranked in the final Top247 rankings? (6)

Secondary school:Tampa, Florida Venice

Final classification:#173 general

247Sports Scouting Report:A versatile defensive back with an elite burst who has been taking varsity snaps since he was in eighth grade. He possesses a muscular build and already weighs around 195 pounds. However, there's still room to add a little more bulk and you can eventually add 15 pounds or more to your stocky frame if you wish. He's spent much of his prep career working out, but it looks like he'll establish himself as a slot machine corner or next-level box insurance given his physical nature and lack of length. He looks to be one of the best in the Sunshine State for the 2023 cycle when it comes to changing direction, as he can twist and turn and get to where he needs to be on most occasions. Competitive on the serve point most of the time, as he hits a wide receiver and then fights for hands. He enjoys playing the role of enforcer on Friday nights and has shown impressive power as a defender near scrimmage or in the open. He excels in pursuit mode, unsurprisingly giving verified speed scores (10.69 in the 100 meter dash at the state race as a junior). He doesn't have a lot of experience in press situations, but he knows to some extent how to get rid of blocks and make a save, which is always encouraging. He has had success as a punt returner in the past and looks to emerge as a valuable special teams pawn at his college of choice, given how quickly he can move up the field. He earned four passes as a junior, helping Venice win a top-ranked Florida state title. This after a youth campaign in which he was responsible for four more deliveries. He may not be a true CB1 type, but he has the skill set and tools to go from a high school impact player to a college football playoff contender.


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Where are the 2023 Penn State signees ranked in the final Top247 rankings? (7)

Secondary school:Academia de Milton (Massachusetts)

Final classification:#175 overall


Where are the 2023 Penn State signees ranked in the final Top247 rankings? (8)

Secondary school:Richmond (Virginia) Wheat

Final classification:#186 overall

247Sports Scouting Report:It's shaped to add 20-25 pounds and not lose agility, speed or quickness. Defensive leader of the state championship team as a junior. Productive two-way game that plays on the wing of the 3-4 defense. High-level athlete also acts as a receiver. It goes down quickly instantly. He shows quick hands to stop linemen getting in. You can redirect and move along the line of scrimmage. He has the speed to dodge blitz tackles. He burst through the face of the offensive tackle. He plays with energy and effort and is a competitor. He plays fast and is physical, especially when tackling the ball carrier. Willing to fight for double teams. The athleticism shows when he lands in coverage. Fluid on change of direction for ball drives. Chase downhill on the flat and chase plays from behind. Body control shines as a receiver when he adapts to the ball and uses his size to protect defenders. Strong defender in space. It makes good use of the length when broken. He needs to continue to develop upper body strength to handle the physical nature of the college game in the box. He has some stacking and throwing ability but needs to continue to develop it. Important to work the anchor against running. You have to keep working on his technique, even when turning and running sideways. Multi-year rookie with possible early impact ability for Top 20 program. Has NFL draft potential.


Where are the 2023 Penn State signees ranked in the final Top247 rankings? (9)

Secondary school:Roanoke (Virginia) Patrick Henry

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Final classification:# 213 general

247Sports Scouting Report:Sizing is verified after a face-to-face assessment in early November. He verified sprint times with a personal best of 10.59 over 100 meters and consistently sprinted 10.7s and 10.8s. He can impact play on offense and with special teams. The speed is displayed in the field. Fluent athlete who can play on both sides of the ball. When the shot lands, he goes into lane quickly and uses his speed to get behind the defense. He has good ball tracking and can adapt to inaccurate shots. See lots of coverage and security help because of the drill-down capability. Specialist in recovering the ball. Guard the ball quickly and try to enter the field quickly. Uses the high point frame well and the ball in traffic. Earn 50-50 balls regularly. He knows how to set up cornerbacks with a double move to go deep. Effective on bubble screens and quick exits. You can turn a 5 yard gain into 15 to 20 yards due to the ability to pierce defense and speed. Sometimes he lets the ball in instead of catching it with his hands. You have to add mass all around the frame in the weight room to get out of the jams and be more physical at the top of the trail. He has to work on the road running. You need to be more succinct on breaks and sometimes complete routes. He can be a big factor in the passing game in Top 20 programs once the power is added. Possible final pick of the NFL draft.



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